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            CF Social Workers for Claire's Place 

Visit: https://covid-match.funraise.org/  our emergency COVID-19 fund campaign and invite your friends and family on your social channels to join us and support our CF community!                 

COVID-19 Emergency fund is a temporary program specifically to address loss of income/food insecurity/medication co pays during this pandemic. Claire's Place will provide a one time payment to eligible CF families via an electronic fund provider (PayPal, Venmo and Zelle). Fund amounts vary from $150-$300, depending on family size and CF individuals in the family. 

  • This program will be available for now and until funds are exhausted.   
  • A hospital professional worker must submit a referral describing the financial need. 
  • Patient or dependent must have a cystic fibrosis diagnosis.
  • Once referral is approved, an application link will be sent to the patient at the email address provided by you.

This fund will not cover mortgage, rent, bills, etc.  If the patient has had a 14 consecutive day hospital stay in the last calendar year and needs assistance with those expenses, please visit our Extended Hospital Stay Grant program for more information:  https://clairesplacefoundation.org/programs/extended-hospital-stay-fund/


Thank you for your interest in our new Work Proudly Program!  As a social worker or hospital worker, your referral is the beginning step for your patient.  Once your referral is reviewed, we will send an application link to your patient and begin the process of evaluating them to participate in this first year as we pilot our program.  Right now, we have a limited availability of funds and will therefore only accept 15 participants until we can secure more funding.

Claire’s Place Foundation is excited to pilot our new Work Proudly Program

Beginning July 2020 to June 2021, serving individuals with CF or caregivers of children with CF. Work Proudly will help participants identify potential careers, cover the cost of certificate job training, and provide them with tools and equipment for remote work. This will allow participants to gain the skills to be competitive in the job market and acquire flexible, work-from-home employment. 

Participants will be recruited through a referral process, as well as through social media advertising, and CF partner organizations. Our Work Proudly Case Manager will contact all interested individuals to screen them to ensure they meet Work Proudly’s qualifications, which include:

· A confirmed diagnosis by a hospital professional of Cystic Fibrosis for themselves or their dependent. 

· A history of inability to support themselves through other avenues and/or SSI/SSDI that is at risk of being cut back or is not enough to support themselves or their family. 

Participants will be required to sign a commitment letter, stating that they will agree to:

· Complete all training we provide

· Ensure that all equipment is kept in good order and utilized for the intended purpose

· Answer all surveys promptly and submit a video testimonial at the completion of the program.

Please reach out to Melissa@clairesplacefoundation.org and Joyce@clairesplacefoundation.org with any questions.


This section must be completed by a social worker, nurse, or doctor. All information will be verified by patient. We do this as a requirement of our 501c3 non profit status.

Eligibility for our Extended Hospital Stay Fund Program is as follows:

  • Any child or adult diagnosed with cystic fibrosis who has experienced a 14 consecutive day hospital stay within the last calendar year.

  •  In order to review the request for financial assistance, a hospital professional (Doctor, Nurse or Social Worker) must complete and submit this referral form.

* Financial assistance is typically a one-time payment for approved applicants paid to a third party vendor on applicant’s behalf. 

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